Post 26 History

In March of 1919 several returning Veterans started Post 26 in Mesa AZ near Country Club and Main at an unknown residence. Post 26 was commissioned in March 1920, according the the March 28 1920 edition of the Mesa Tribune. The record was damaged [microfiche] and no other information is available.

The 1st record of a “landed” Post with a post home was around 1935.

There are no records available from 1935 until 1952 when the charter was reviewed. At this time the Post home was on Country Club Dr near Dana Drive.

In the mid 1980’s The Post home was moved to the new building at it’s current location.

November 25 2017 the post changed it’s name to Pablo J. Cortez Post 26 Mesa in honor of a beloved Commander.

Mesa Post 26 “Friendliest Post in the Valley” was replaced in 2018
Pablo J Cortez Memorial Mural [Pablo is the man in the wheelchair saluting right handed as he lost his left arm].

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Memories by year

Bingo has been a part of Post 26 for years

The solder salutes mural was applied during renovations of the wall in 2017 by the city of Mesa Rehabilitation program.

Whats up at the post