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Here we are six months into the year already! I think all of us are thinking we cannot wait for this year to end!!! With that being said we were able to get a lot done at the post while it was closed. We were able to have that dead tree cut down, also a new floor in-stalled and a new a/c unit in the lounge. 

We also lost Chef Joe so as of right now we do not have a kitchen. Currently the kitchen is being completely cleaned and as soon as it is done, we will find a new cook to lease it. Thank all for your patience. A big thank you to all who have brought food in.  The centennial raffle has started again, the new drawing dates will be Nov 11th – 17th so please buy your tickets for a chance to win.  You can buy tickets from any of the post entities.

Legionnaire meetings will resume the 3rd Thursday in September. 

Please check on family and friends to make sure they are safe. By working together, we will get thru this tough time!! Please continue to support your post!!




Whats up at the post